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January 2024: Setting the Stage

  • Bot Deployment: Launch of the bot on Blast's testnet.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Announcing collaborations with diverse projects.
  • $BLAST Farming: Collecting $BLAST rewards for future token holders.
  • Communication Campaign: Engaging with advisors and influencers.
  • Points Validation: preparing for the airdrop by validating user points.

February 2024: Let the show begin

  • Launch: Tornado on Blast mainnet.
  • Public Sale: $TRNDO sale to active community members.
  • Token Launch: Official release of the $TRNDO token.
  • First Airdrop: Eligible users to claim their initial airdrop.

March 2024: Keep it moving

  • New Feature Rollout: Copy trading, automatic sniping, etc.
  • Marketing Boost: Intensifying our marketing efforts.
  • 100% $BLAST Rewards Redistribution: Distributing all $BLAST rewards to token holders.
  • $TRNDO Rewards Program: Launching the $TRNDO rewards initiative.

April 2024: Continuous Growth

  • New Features Rollout: Account abstraction with smart contract wallet, AI recommendations, etc. 
  • Second Airdrop: Eligible users to claim their second airdrop.
  • 100% $BLAST Rewards Redistribution: Distributing all the additional $BLAST rewards to token holders.

Our experienced team is deeply committed to the Web3 space and continuously incorporates user feedback. Please note that our product-focused roadmap may evolve to align with the needs and requests of our community.

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