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Tornado Blast introduces an unparalleled trading experience on the Blast L2, offering a suite of advanced features designed to enhance your everyday trading.

Key Features Available at Launch:

  • Wallet: Seamlessly create a new wallet or import your existing one.
  • Token Sniping: Be among the first to ape in new tokens at their launch.
  • Diverse Trading Options: Trade any ERC-20 token using ETH or USDB.
  • Copy Trading: Mimic the strategies of successful traders.
  • Referral Program: Generate a referral link and reap rewards by sharing it with friends.
  • Reward Management: Claim and stake all your rewards directly in the bot (revenue sharing,, $BLAST airdrops, $TRNDO and gas fee refunds)

Exciting Developments on the horizon:

  • Account Abstraction: Simplify your trading experience with enhanced AA features.
  • Automated Sniping: Leverage automation to snipe more efficiently new tokens.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Benefit from AI-driven analysis and tailored trading recommendations.
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Fly above the storm of gains!
Join the movement, trade and snipe any ERC-20 on Blast and be rewarded.